Greetings and Salutations III

I would like to take this opportunity to unveil the new blog.  Note that, in addition to the theme, I have also changed the title.  I’ll admit, I’ll miss Rusty Grunge’s brown background and the streaks that ran down each blog entry that enabled me to pretend that I had, in fact, written each chapter on ecru stationery and glued it to the inside of a nylon-bound scrapbook like those of my childhood. 

Many thanks to Erica for providing the lovely image of Whiterun.  I am still eagerly accepting donations of screenshots as I would like to have a variety of images for my various projects.  So, if you have any extra scenery images, please feel to pass them along.

I hope to have new content up within the week.  Last night I played Skyrim with the intention of walking (i.e. no fast-traveling) to all the quests and letting the scenery inspire new story ideas.  Instead, I wound up stealing Onmund’s clothes (which, as my husband will confirm, I’ve been trying to do forever) and playing dress up for several hours.  He looks really cute in Hammerfell garb, although it looks like he’s wearing a Halloween costume, which is fitting I suppose.  This one, however, just made me laugh out loud and so I decided to share even though the quality of the image is really poor.  Allow me to introduce Jarl Onmund the Polite:


9 thoughts on “Greetings and Salutations III

    1. elspethaurilie Post author

      He finds my Skyrim obsession so amusing. It’s all his fault. Before I met him I was all Nabokov and Masterpiece Theater. Now I’m all Avengers! Elder Scrolls! Game of Thrones!

      I would have found Sherlock without him though. Don’t let him tell you otherwise.

  1. Pyrelle

    Onmund has this look that says “It’s good ta be the king.” going for him. I like the new look it is very clean. As for screenshots. I could give you tons but I not only delet the ones I don’t use but they are also highly modded out screenshots as well as ….tweaked by me in photoshop. Though I can see if I made a back up somewhere. I know I had plenty when I was designing my Banner.

    1. elspethaurilie Post author

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY PYRELLE!!! I’ll take anything, although highly modded shots might clash with some of the ones that Erica, TQB, and Dovahkiir have sent. But if you see something that might work, send it along. My address is in the “About” section.

    1. elspethaurilie Post author

      He wears Noble clothes well. And soon I’d have to start nagging him to “sit up.” I should add “ergonomic thrones” to the list of mods I would created if I had the inclination.


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