Spectacular Fan Art III

From Odovahkiir:


With the caption:

what am i doing with my lif-hEY LOOK ITS LYDIA AND STAMPY

I blame Elspeth.


Thank you!!!


18 thoughts on “Spectacular Fan Art III

      1. elspethaurilie Post author

        I only recently learned what “ship” meant. I also have a sort of mental block when it comes to acronyms (and idioms, but that is a whole other issue). Back in the day, I protested the drive to abbreviate and acronymize everything and started spelling out things like “post script” and “as soon as possible.”

      2. thequixoticbedhead

        To some degree, I think your protest is justified. I still only use “lol” if I really, really, really have to. Even then I don’t enjoy it, and mostly just use it “ironically.”

        Spelling out “post script,” however, is hilarious.

      3. Dovahkiir

        I can’t seem to be able to stop using acronyms while on the internet, it’s a really, really bad habit. Emojis as well. ._.

        I’ve reached a point where I just type out “lol” as in “leave me the fuck alone” to some people. xD

      1. Pyrelle

        You down with OTP yeah you know me! I honestly do not know most of the fanfic lingo, sorry. Spending time outside is over rated, who wants all that icky fresh air stuff anyway…joking =)

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