Why I Write

This post should not be called “Why I Write” but for some reason “Why I Post” or “Why I Blog” or “Why Do I Suddenly Care about Character Development and Internal Logic” don’t resonate quite the same way within the context of Skyrim.  In any case, you should just go ahead and start reading this in Vladimir Kulich’s voice.

First, an aneccote.  One evening I was backseat drivingwatching my husband’s Skyrim game.  He went to the Skyforge and when Eorlund Grey Mane said, “Gods be praised!” he turned to me and said, “I always imagine that no one comes to see him and he’s really lonely.  That’s why he’s so excited to see me.”  I looked at my husband who had, to this point, been playfully teasing me about the fact that I’d been quietly writing an Epic Skyrim story, sharing only snippets with a couple of close friends, and said, “You DO understand.  Now, imagine if you could never stop thinking about these people. ”

The reason I write is simple.  If I don’t write, this stuff just spins around in my head, begging to be released.  But writing is not the same as telling a story and while I’ve been writing about Elspeth since November 2011, I did not start telling her story until sometime in April when, inspired and encouraged by my friend Erica North, I decided to force what I had written into the Elder Scrolls canon to see what would happen.  I started the blog thinking that Erica and maybe my Skyrim-playing cousin would be the only ones who would read it.  I did not expect that anyone else would pay attention.

Then suddenly, I have people besides Erica commenting.  And Dovahkiir started asking for updates on her Tumblr.  Other writers, like Pyrelle, are putting Elspeth-inspired Easter eggs in their stories.  And Elspeth was included in Spice Monster’s wonderful picture of Dragonborns on the Town.  There aren’t enough words to describe how happy it made me to see Elspeth included in other Skyrim worlds.  Or listed on blog rolls.

If this were just about writing, I would just write.  However, this post is not about writing.  This post is about blogging and my sudden need for my characters to be compelling and for my story make sense to someone other than myself.  And for that reason, this post is about you, my dear readers.  The reason I post is simple.  I post because of you.  Because of your comments and likes.  Knowing that there are some people out there who look forward to what I have to say is the reason I keep doing this.

I once told Erica that her nod to my story in the Epilogue* to The Dragonborn Chronicles would see me to the very end.  That has expanded to include each and every one of you who keep coming back for more.

Thank you.

*Don’t look at this unless you’ve read her trilogy.


19 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Having people to share this wonderful fandom with makes it all worth it. I mean, I was having fun with it alone, but there’s always a part inside that makes you hope there are others out there who love that world and those people like you do. I’m so happy to have you to share these wonders with! ❤

  2. I love it when I check my email and there is an update from you and Erica because I know I’m going to love whats going on with your character, I like to see your opinions on the npc’s and it makes me feel a little less nuts coz I have stories running round about all the characters too =D My partner won’t play skyrim if i’m watching because i comment on his character too although if he did listen he wouldn’t die as much lol

    • If I can help anyone “feel a little less nutz” then I have done a good thing. I think my husband does appreciate it when I point out that he’s about to die. Thank you for commenting and for reading along.

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  4. I am quite glad you do write, even though I’m very late in seeing this, because it is flipping awesome! (Incidentally, I write for the same reasons! Hooray!)

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